KITCHEN INSPIRATION: Rules For Creating Your Dream Kitchen


“How much storage space do I need?” The trick is to catalog your kitchen and tools and determine the amount of space that fits your lifestyle. Don’t rush the process of kitchen planning, a poorly planned kitchen can lead to daily frustration. Kitchens top the list of rooms in which you need to get your storage right. Consider grouping your kitchen storage around three primary activity areas: the refrigerator, range, and the sink.



Think of the refrigerator area as a receiving station and food-preparation point in the kitchen. Position the refrigerator in a place easily accessible while bringing groceries inside. Sometimes positioning of the refrigerator may not be an option if you’re remodeling but consider the placement, in any case, to flow and act as an anchor for the beginning steps of your kitchen layout.

Whether an island or countertop always plan the refrigerator next to a surface to set grocery bags and pour drinks easily.





Always plan for ample counter space next to your oven and stove. Counter space for plating food and setting hot pans near the range will be imperative. Directly next to the range plan for smaller drawers to house pot holders, mitts, and trivets. Larger items such as platters, bowls, and other equipment should be planned for near the stove and range for easy access.

Consider your cooking tools used when planning upper cabinetry around stove and range. With open shelving and glass doors being on trend consider which items are visibly pleasing that can be stored in upper cabinetry. Spices can we stored in beautiful jars and displayed as art or hidden behind upper cabinets. Cooking utensils can be displayed in a ceramic holder, hung, or stored in a pull out drawer. We also offer custom storage drawers with Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry. Catalog your items and decide what works best for you.






After you’ve determined the location of your refrigerator and stove, the placement of the sink station follows. The sink should be placed in between the refrigerator and the stove for convenience and efficiency. The sink is the most used station in the kitchen and should be located centrally with the dishwasher within reach.

The sink station should have ample counter space in the surrounding area. Try not to clutter this area as food prep and most tasks will take place near the sink. Food cleaning and cutting typically happens near the sink adding the need for waste and recycling near the sink as well.

Smaller items such as dishtowels, knives, and cleaning products should be located near the sink station.


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