Bathrooms usually require renovation more often, than any of the rooms in your home. Ultimately, these repairs can be pricey and cause a burden on your pocket. Thus, you must look for some hacks to save you money. 

Don’t worry! We have got you covered. Below is how you can renovate your bathroom cost-effectively. 

Replace old fixtures 

It can cost you a ton to replace all your showers, sinks, and tubs. Instead, you should replace the parts of all these items. For instance, a new shower head will work exactly like a new shower. 

Thus, you should decide on which part you can replace rather than replacing the whole item. Besides, you can search bathroom remodeling near me to contact professionals who can give you an idea of what can be replaced.

The paint will give a new look

Colors can change the whole aesthetic of your washroom. So, you should get the old flaky paint off your walls and find new colors. It is recommended you go for a certified paint company to avoid moisture and prematurely flaking paint.

Use DIY countertops 

Countertops can be quite expensive, but they do add a nice look to your bathroom. So, instead of getting marble installed, you can go for sheets. These designer sheets are readily available on online shopping sites, and they look just like marble countertops only. 

Moreover, you can also use your old furniture as a countertop by making some adjustments. 

Go eco friendly

Eco-friendly toilets have gained a lot of popularity lately. These toilets help you cut short your water bill as they focus on using less water than regular toilets. 

In addition to that, the world demands saving resources. Thus, you might be saving the planet and being cost-effective, too.

Spice up your lightening

Lightening plays a vital role in how your washroom looks. You can go for subtle lighting instead of huge tube lights. You can also switch to lamps and candles as they save up the electricity bill.

You can simply type ‘bathroom contractors near me.’ It will lead you to contractors who can tell you more about lights. 

Don’t spend too much on tiles

Tiles are a hefty purchase, so try not to spend too much on them. What you can do is use different tiles for different areas of your bathroom. However, you should do it only if you are buying matching tiles. 

By using a combination of cheap and high-quality tiles, you can make certain areas of your bathroom pop. 

Don’t throw those household items away

You can save so much by simply using your old household items as bathroom accessories. Most of the items you throw out can help you save money. You can easily find a use for your old tin containers in your bathroom. You can DIY the towel hanging rack. 

All you’d need to do is hop onto YouTube, and if you are even a bit creative, you can easily repurpose your old household items.

We at Marina Baron European Design Inc. help you with your bathroom renovation in Vancouver. Contact us at 604-299-2444 to know more.

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