The WATERPROOF PANELS are an absolute innovation in the cover and decoration industry, they are real works of art and design and they will be part of your kitchens or other rooms from today onwards.
The panels are made of polyethylene and aluminum, are waterproof and printed. They have a thickness of 1/8 (3 mm) and are protected in order to be heat-, pressure-, humidity-, water- and detergents-resistant. They are light-weight and easy to be cut and perforated.
They can be stuck with two-component epoxy adhesive as any type of covering. The maximum size of one piece is (200x305cm) 78 3/4 " x 120 ", but we can join more panels or cut them to size, in order to fit perfectly with your spaces. Both sides of panel are printable. They have shiny finishes.

The panels are fully customizable with your own pictures or chosen in our databases with 20 millions of images: every customer can select the subject, the colours (RAL) and the sizes which suit his environment and based on his budget.


Some characteristics of WATERPROOF PANELS

- insulating panel
- mechanical resistant
- healthy surface
- easy to be cut
- totally impermeable
- non-toxic surface
- low specific gravity
- 1/8 (3 mm) thickness
. and high rigidness
- customizable artworks
- modularity and big sizes
- heat resistant
- 20 millions of pictures
- RAL colours on demand
- weight: 0.55 Lb/SqF
. or: 2.7 Kg/sqm